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Welcome to Eucapro Group Sdn Bhd

At Eucapro Group, we are 100% committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standard of quality, safety and earth-friendliness in our products.

We use only natural ingredients in Eucapro™ products that have been extensively researched to be effective and safe.


We offer various organic and natural products, such as natural essential oil, antibacterial, sanitizing and disinfectant spray, eucalyptus oil , natural laundry liquid ,  Natural Mosquito Repellent and more.

Natural essential oils in Malaysia are treasured for their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. Eucalyptus oil, in particular, is a popular choice. Harvested from native eucalyptus trees, this oil offers a myriad of benefits. Its refreshing scent is known for clearing nasal congestion and soothing respiratory discomfort.

Eucapro take pride in producing high-quality eucalyptus oil that meets international standards. These essential oils are also used in traditional remedies and holistic therapies, harnessing the power of nature to promote overall wellness. Whether you seek relaxation, relief from ailments, or simply an invigorating aroma, natural essential oils like eucalyptus are a fragrant gift from Eucapro's australian formulation eucalyptus products.

Not only that, Eucalyptus Oil often use to treat or remove gas wind in the stomach eventhough Eucalyptus Oil primarily known for its soothing properties, such as helping respiratory issues and muscle aches.



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