Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner (2Litre)
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Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner (2Litre)
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Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 13 cm x 21 cm
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At a Glance – Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Eucapro Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a 100% pure Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil in a water-soluble base making it ideal for both household and personal use. It has a distinctive clean fresh fragrance and is easy to use with all the benefits of natural eucalyptus oil. It is produced without pesticides or fertilizers. No artificial additives, aromas, or flavorings are added.
Features and Benefits
•  Cleans and freshens naturally
•  Can be diluted to water for household and general cleaning purposes
•  For household and personal use
•  The long-lasting, clean, and crisp fragrance of eucalyptus
•  Excellent multipurpose cleaner
•  Great in the laundry to remove stubborn stains
•  Natural Insects Repellent (flies, cockroach, ant)
•  Australian formulation