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Eucapro Eucalyptus Disinfectant Spray 200G
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  • Multi-purpose spray with a fresh hint of Eucalyptus
  •  Excellent multipurpose cleaner – family room, car, office, and bedroom, public bathroom
  •  An Australian formulation
  •  Stay natural with pure Eucalyptus Oil BP Grade
  •  Does not contain any Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Propellant
  •  Scientifically tested by authorized laboratory testing agency - Kills 99.99% of Germs within 15  Seconds on contact.

In Malaysia, the demand for effective disinfectant and sanitizing sprays has surged, and Eucapro's Eucalyptus Spray has emerged as the go-to solution. Eucapro's disinfectant spray, crafted with the natural power of eucalyptus, offers a dual-purpose approach. Not only does it effectively disinfect surfaces, but it also provides a refreshing aroma. It not only sanitizes surfaces but also let out a fresh eucalyptus scent. Self-hygiene is important, Eucapro's Eucalyptus Spray offers peace of mind, effectively killing germs while providing a natural, pleasant aroma.Elevate your disinfection routine with a touch of nature and experience the benefits of Eucapro's innovative product.


Eucalyptus Spray is a portable spray where you could bring it almost anywhere, eliminating all the foul odours and germs! Eucalyptus Spray also has been proven effective against Corona, H1N1, and HFMD virus.

Directions for Use:
Kills Germs & Bacteria
For the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, Eucapro Eucalyptus Spray is a great natural alternative.
As a surface spray, hold the can 15-20cm from the area. Spray until the area is covered with a fine mist, wipe
away if required. Suitable for hard surfaces, sofa, and most fabrics. Also removes unpleasant odors 

Please note that the aroma of the natural Eucalyptus essential oil does have a slight difference in aroma smell from each batch of the steam distillation production. This can be due to many factors i.e. due to the climatic factor present at the time of extraction and the season when the eucalyptus leaves are harvested for distillation. Please note that the sensory level of each person smelling capability can vary to a greater degree and can also vary under a different situation.

Room Freshener
For all those areas that require freshening: restroom, bathroom, toilet, cupboards, etc.
Eucapro Eucalyptus Spray leaves a clean, fresh eucalyptus odor with no residues and kills bacteria that can
cause offensive odors. Ideal to clear stale smoke fumes. Spray sparingly to freshen and deodorize the air.
Remove or cover fish tanks before spraying.

For mattresses, bedding, pillows, curtains and soft toys. Spray on the pillow for clear night-time breathing.

For telephones, door handles and computer keyboards. Use as an office freshener for a pleasant work